This musical “tribute” is in memory of all those fallen warriors who were the embodiment of life, liberty, heroism, strength and hope. May these timeless virtues guide us through our own times of despair and difficulty, and summon up in all of us the courage displayed by those who so nobly sacrificed their lives for love of country and fellow man. A significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund (TTOF), a charitable trust fund designed to benefit the surviving children of parents who perished in the Twin Towers, Pentagon or Somerset, PA terrorist air disasters.

For more information you can visit the fund’s web site at

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Heavenly Productions Foundation donated 60 "Heavenly Lullabies" CD's
To St. Vincent's Hospital's Children's Christmas Party in December, 2003.

Heavenly Productions Foundation donated 100 "Heavenly Lullabies" CD's to the
Blythdale Childrens Hospital's Christmas Party in December, 2003.

Heavenly Productions has just offered a donation of 100 CD's to "Operation
Gratitude". CD's would be sent to the United States troops overseas.